Interior Design is about creation and vision. I remember as an eight year old girl watching my mother rag rolling the lounge walls in peach and green in the 80’s and being inspired by her creation…coordinating her cushions and her curtains all in peach and green ….everything made by hand. As a teenager I would redecorate my room ….several times and deciding that black was timeless adding hand painted gold stars (very Osborne and little at the time) in my bedroom fireplace. I knew interior decorating was all I wanted to do and after study and travelling began working with my mother interior decorating. Roll on 25 years and still loving my job. I moved my business to the beautiful town of Kirkby Lonsdale , Cumbria in 2017 after having moved my daughter to Sedbergh Prep…a fabulous school ….very sporty! This gave me more flexibility to follow my daughter in her sport and to ease the difficulty of juggling full time work, being a mum and running a house….to all you working mums…I salute you! I hope you will enjoy my blog….hopefully it will inspire you and give you the confidence to redecorate that Lounge or even just have a move around or as simple as Style a coffee table. Spring is here…..I think ..and is always a good time to start !!